Money-Saving Tips to Afford a New Car

Though new vehicles are more affordable than ever, buying one is still a major investment. If you’re looking for some money-saving tips on how to save money to buy a vehicle, you’ve come to the right place.

Money-Saving Tips | Bill Jackson | Troy, AL

  1. Set up a Budget: Before you ever consider purchasing a new car, you need to know how much of your income you can afford to spend on a new vehicle. Calculate your monthly expenses, then see what’s left. At minimum, you should save enough to cover your car payment, insurance, gas, and maintenance.


  1. Save for a Down Payment: One of the best ways to lower your monthly payment is to put a substantial amount down on your new vehicle. Most experts recommend trying to prepare a down payment that is 10 to 20 percent of the overall cost of your vehicle. You can also put this money into a high-yield savings account to earn extra passive income towards your purchase.


  1. Sell Us Your Old Car: If you already have a vehicle, you can sell it to Bill Jackson Chevy Buick GMC Cadillac for a credit toward your purchase. After a test drive and an appraisal, we’ll offer you a fair value for your old car.

If you want any more advice on how to effectively save up for a new car, how to navigate the financing process, or if you’re ready to get behind the wheel of the vehicle of your dreams, stop by Bill Jackson Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac today.

Tips for Driving in the Rain

Driving in the rain may seem like a minor inconvenience, but it can turn into a serious hazard in seconds. Visibility is severely reduced, glare can make it difficult to see the lines on the road, and it’s easy to run over a slick surface and start hydroplaning. The next time you get behind the wheel in a storm, remember these tips for driving in the rain.

Driving in the Rain | Bill Jackson Auto | Troy, AL

Increase the distance between you and the car ahead

It may take more time than usual for your car to come to a complete stop when the surface you’re driving on is wet. Therefore, you may want to leave more space than usual between you and the vehicle ahead, so that you have plenty of room to stop.

Keep your headlights on

Any time that your windshield wipers are active, your headlights should be on. This will also allow oncoming drivers to easily spot you, and people in your lane to see you in their rearview mirrors.

Go easy on the accelerator

If you try to speed up right after a stop when the ground is slick with rainwater, and you may find yourself slipping and sliding around. Instead of hitting the gas hard when a light turns green, take your time to accelerate so that you can avoid this slippery situation.

If you’d like more advice for driving in the rain — or need a tune-up before your next trip through inclement weather — feel free to speak with us here at Bill Jackson Chevy Buick GMC Cadillac.

How to tell if you need new tires

Your tires are some of the most important things on your car, which is why you need to make sure you are replacing them when they get too worn out. One of the simplest ways you can determine if you need new tires is by using a penny.

You need new tires | Bill Jackson Auto | Troy, AL

Take a penny and place it in between the tread grooves on your tires with Lincoln’s head pointing down. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, the tread is too worn down and, it is time to get a new set. If the top of Lincoln’s head is covered, you have more than 2/32 of an inch of tread remaining, and you’re in the clear.

Make sure you do this test in multiple places on all four tires. If you notice that one tire is more worn down than the others, this could be a sign your wheels need to be realigned.

Tread is an important thing to consider because it is what gives your tires traction. When the tread is too worn down, your tires are “bald,” and they will have a harder time gripping the road, especially during inclement weather. Bald tires also gather more friction from the road, which can lead to overheated tires and blowouts.

If you need a new set of tires, a rotation, or just want an expert opinion as to whether you’re due for a change, pay us a visit at Bill Jackson Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac.

Green New Year’s Resolutions for your car

Now that 2020 is here, you have a chance to get the New Year and decade started on the right foot. If you’re looking for ways to make some improvements to your life and lessen your impact on the environment, here are a few green New Year’s resolutions for your car.

Clean Out Your Car

The heavier your car is, the more fuel it will use. If your trunk or car is filled with a lot of unnecessary items, you could be wasting a lot of gas. Clean out your car and only keep the necessities. Make it a habit to clean out your car at least once a month.

Drive the Speed Limit

Most vehicles are designed to deliver optimal fuel efficiency around 55 mph. The faster you drive, the more inefficient your car is. For example, by driving 75 mph instead of 55 mph, you may be decreasing your efficiency by as much as 20%.

Keep Up with Maintenance

A well-maintained car will run more efficiently than one that needs an oil change. Keep up with the routine maintenance schedule listed in your owner’s manual. Pay particular attention to oil changes, air filter changes, engine tune-ups, and tire rotations.

If your car needs any maintenance as you head into 2020, swing by Bill Jackson Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac and let our service department get your ride in tip-top shape.

Holiday Events in Troy, Alabama

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and you won’t find a place more festive in the Yellowhammer State than the city of Troy. Be sure to make your Holiday season merry and bright by attending one of these Holiday events in Troy, Alabama.

Ole Time Christmas (December 13)

If you’d like to learn about traditional holiday festivities this Christmas season, be sure to stop by the Pioneer Museum of Alabama for the Ole Time Christmas event. This celebration will highlight some of Alabama’s long-standing history and traditions while offering guests delicious Christmas treats and festive tunes. This is an event for the entire family, so don’t leave anyone out. The more, the merrier after all!

Troy Christmas Party (December 14)

This year, the Teamsters Local 1150 organization will be hosting a Christmas party of its own at Kendall Hall. Tickets to this event cost $10 per person, which is cheaper and way more festive than a Saturday night movie. Things kick off at 6:00 pm and run until 11:00 pm, so make sure to get there early if you want to make the most out of what’s sure to be a party to remember. Here at Bill Jackson Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, we hope that you and your entire family have a holly, jolly Christmas season. If your vehicle needs any maintenance before you set out to one of these events, set up an appointment with our service department. We’ll have your ride road-ready in no time.

Here at Bill Jackson Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, we hope that you and your entire family have a holly, jolly Christmas season. If your vehicle needs any maintenance before you set out to one of these events, set up an appointment with our service department. We’ll have your ride road-ready in no time.

Tips for Buying a Car as a Holiday Gift

Giving a car as a holiday gift is a totally plausible idea, and one that’s sure to knock the socks off of the recipient. It might be a bit difficult to fit under a tree, but who wouldn’t love receiving a vehicle with all of the comfort, safety, capability they need during the holidays? Here are some tips to help you through the process of gifting a car this Holiday season.

Tips For Buying A Car As A Holiday Gift

Know Exactly What to Get

Part of the fun of gift-giving is the element of surprise. However, if you’re not sure what exactly your loved one is looking for in a vehicle, it’s better to sacrifice the surprise in order to make sure they receive the perfect car for their needs. Bonus points if you can figure out exactly what they want without them knowing until they see their new ride.

Talk to the Dealer

If you want to give a car as a surprise, you’ll need the dealer’s help. For one thing, you’ll have to arrange paperwork ahead of time, since the recipient of the car will need to be present to sign things like title and registration, and possibly financing as well.

On top of that, there’s a good chance that the dealer has already managed a surprise car deal before, so they may be able to make suggestions and help the process play out smoothly.

Plan Ahead

You might be looking to special order the perfect vehicle for your loved one rather than choosing something that’s already at the dealership. In this case, you’ll need to order the car well in advance to make sure that it is delivered early enough. If you’re thinking about gifting someone a new car, come visit the car-gifting experts at Bill Jackson Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac. We’ll walk you through the process, help you find the perfect vehicle, and do our best to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Best Uses For Your Silverado This Fall

fall fun with your Silverado - Troy, AL

Pickup trucks are not only versatile work vehicles; they can be a lot of fun, too. Here are some ideas for fall fun with your Silverado.


Nothing goes together like a pickup truck and tailgating. There’s plenty of space to pack everything you’ll need in the bed, such as shade canopies, chairs, tables, coolers and, of course, a grill. Load it all up and head to the parking lot to relax and party with fellow fans.


Fall is the time for homecoming parades and pumpkin festivals, and local groups are always looking for pickup owners to volunteer to become a float base. Throw a bale of straw in the bed and give a couple of members of the homecoming court a ride around the football field.


Fall weather is ideal for camping, and your Silverado is the perfect wilderness companion. Grab your gear and head to the woods for some quality outdoor time before winter goes into full swing. You can even outfit your Silverado with a bed tent to avoid waking up in a soggy sleeping bag after a night on the ground.

Trunk or Treat

Many communities hold Trunk or Treat events in local parking lots or parks instead of or in addition to traditional door-to-door Trick or Treat. Decorate your Silverado like a haunted house and hand out treats to youngsters. With the sizeable bed to work with, you can do anything from a few corn stalks and pumpkins to inflatable creatures and sound effects.

All of us at Bill Jackson Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac want you to enjoy seasonal festivities in absolute safety. If your Silverado is due for any maintenance, make sure to set up an appointment with our service department so you can enjoy fall to its fullest.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Will be the First Mid-Engine Corvette Model Ever

Mid-Engine Corvette - Troy, AL

Over the summer, Chevrolet introduced the latest iteration of the iconic Corvette sports vehicle. Trust us when we say that you’ve never seen a Chevy Corvette quite like this one.

That’s mainly due to the fact that the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray will be the first mid-engine Corvette model ever built.

Rather than having the engine positioned in the front of the vehicle, the engine of the new Corvette will be located more centrally, between the front and rear axles. This position provides a few key advantages, including lightning-fast acceleration and more responsive handling.

The 2020 Stingray’s revamped engine also makes this the fastest-accelerating iteration in the model’s history. The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette will reportedly be able to jump from 0 to 60 mph in an astonishing three seconds.

The all-new Corvette will accommodate all of your sport car dreams with its plentiful customization options. With 12 exterior and six interior colors to choose from, you can design a Corvette to suit any whim.

The cherry on top of the revolutionary sports car sundae is the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette’s shockingly low sticker price. With an MSRP under $60,000, the 2020 Corvette is one of the most affordable available automobiles in its segment.

All of us here at Bill Jackson Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac are excited beyond belief for the brand new 2020 Corvette Stingray. If you feel the same way, we can’t wait to see you here at Bill Jackson CBGC when this trend-setter finally hits roads later this year.

Money-Saving Tips to Afford a New Car

Afford a new car - Troy, AL

If you’re concerned about being able to afford a new car, you can rest easy. Bill Jackson Chevy Buick GMC Cadillac has got your back with a few money-saving tips to help you get that new car off of the lot and into your garage in no time.

  • Make a list of must-have features and a separate list of would-like-to-have features.
  • Establish your “target price.” Once you’ve determined how much you’d like to spend, research a few makes and models online to see if this price is realistic. If you can get all of your “must-haves” within that price range, you’re good to go. If not, either your target price or your must-haves will need to be adjusted.
  • Plan to put at least 20% down on a new car. Making a larger down payment means you may need to save for a little bit longer in the beginning, but it will save you money in the long run.
  • Try to limit spending on unnecessary expenses. Consider eating out less frequently or temporarily switching from name brand to store brand products.
  • Establish a savings account. If your financial institution allows for it, you can create a separate savings account dedicated to your new car and have a certain percentage of your paychecks deposited automatically.
  • There are numerous “gig jobs” available today in everything from ride-sharing to dog-walking. Consider picking up a temporary side job to help you save up for that big down payment.

Purchasing a new car is a very exciting process as long as you’re well-prepared. Visit Bill Jackson Chevy Buick GMC Cadillac and have a member of our staff walk you through everything you need to know and help you set up a savings plan.

Summer Service Tips

Summer Service Tips - Troy, AL

If you want your car to perform at its best this summer, it’s a good idea to perform a few seasonal checkups and services. These summer service tips will get your vehicle on track for peak performance in hot weather.

Check the Battery

Extreme weather — hot or cold — is hard on car batteries, so now is a good time to have the battery in your car checked. Even if it does not need to be replaced, take the time to ensure it’s mounted securely and that there’s no corrosion on the terminals.

Check the Coolant

Coolant works with the radiator to help keep your car’s engine cool, which is especially important in the hot summer weather. In order to work properly, coolant needs to be flushed periodically. If it’s been a while since your car’s coolant was flushed, you should schedule a service appointment to get this taken care of as soon as possible.

Inspect the Tires

As the pavement heats up, under-inflated or over-inflated tires are at a greater risk of blowing. Check each tire on your car to be sure it’s inflated to the correct PSI. While you’re there, look at the tread and check for any signs of wear, like bulges or tears.

Get an Oil Change

Oil changes are very important and keep your vehicle’s engine and parts lubricated. Without oil changes, the engine oil becomes dirty and does not work efficiently. You should reference your owner’s manual to determine when your vehicle needs an oil change. Typically, the start of every season times out with when it needs this service.

Visit Bill Jackson Chevy Buick GMC Cadillac and let us get your car ready for the summer.